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"No matter your educational goals, we can help you get there."

The school's vision is to enhance an individual's skills to mold them into professionals. A unique feature of the school is making students future ready through experiential and participative learning. The enriched curriculum provides students with foundational knowledge and disciplinary depth, encouraging critical thinking and complex problem-solving. It also orients the students to ask questions instead of accepting the obvious answers. Our school's key features are effective communication, teamwork, and innovation. We support the development of the student from the beginning by tailoring a learning plan that best fits the student's needs and future professional goals.

Best practices of School
  • Excellence in Mentoring

  • Weekly tutorial sessions

  • Blended learning approach based on Brain-based and self-regulated learning strategies.

  • Brainstorming group discussions and Real-life case studies.

  • Emphasis on personality development

  • Comprehensive continuous evaluation

  • Personalized mentoring

  • Competent and experienced, and student-centered faculty

  • Programs nurture critical thinking to create empathetic professionals.

  • Ability to apply knowledge to tackle real-world problems as future leaders.

  • Ensure proactive participation of all stakeholders.

Vision of USES

School of Education has a one-eye vision to bring innovation in our teaching methodology to make every student capable of creating, sharing, and learning without barriers.

Mission of USES

Our mission at the School of Education is to create a positive and dynamic environment for students to realize their potential and leave as professionals who can make meaningful contributions in their respective fields. Good communication skills are an invaluable asset in any field today. This postgraduate diploma will open doors to a wide range of career options. Whether our graduates wish to pursue public relations, human resources, media, or event planning or are just looking to enhance their skill set, our mission is to enrich them with enough resources to do so.

Programs Under CoE Framework
Course Duration Credits Eligibility
PG Diploma in communication Skills for professional Trainers
(736 hrs)
1 Year 40 Graduation with 50% in any stream (English subject mandatory)

* Bands secured in Pre-Diagnostic IELTS test.
* 12 days teaching + 12 days practice in a month, 6 hours a day

  • STEP1 – Counseling sessions with experts.

  • STEP2 – Register for the Pre-Diagnostic IELTS test.

  • STEP3 – Course Allotment based on the result of the Pre-Diagnostic IELTS Test.

  • STEP4 – Enrollment in the batch.