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From Valor to Legacy: Lamrin tech skills university Punjab Pays Tribute to Brigadier Chandpuri

Date: 31 May, 2024

From Valor to Legacy: Lamrin Tech Skills University Punjab Pays Tribute to Brigadier Chandpuri


Lamrin Tech Skills University Punjab (LTSU), staying true to it's spirit of patriotism recently organized a special event to honor the memory of Brigadier Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri, a decorated war hero and an inspiration to many at his birthplace Chandpur rurki ( S.B.S. Nagar). LTSU team 

Under the guidance of Mr. Satbir Singh Bajwa, Joint Registrar of LTSU,  meticulously transformed a designated area within the Government School of Chandpur into a realistic battlefield similar to the battle of Longewala.

This live simulation included posters and banners displaying Brigadier Chandpuri's heroic deeds, strategically placed sentry posts, and reconstructed bunkers and tents, providing an immersive experience of a soldier’s life on the front lines. 

Notably, this school also serves as a polling station for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The tribute attracted visitors from far and wide, receiving widespread acclaim for its detailed and respectful homage. On the day of the event, several distinguished guests, including the Deputy Commissioner (DC), Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), and other notable figures, praised the LTSU team for their dedication and creativity in bringing this war zone to life. They acknowledged the university's efforts in offering an educational and emotional experience that honors Brigadier Chandpuri's legacy. This tribute not only commemorates his bravery and sacrifice but also serves as an educational tool, illustrating the realities of war and the heroism of those who serve. Lamrin Tech Skills University's tribute stands as a testament to the university's commitment to honoring national heroes and educating future generations, ensuring that Brigadier Chandpuri's legacy continues to inspire and educate all who visit.