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Blood Donation Camp

Date: 15 March, 2024

A noble initiative took place at Lamrin Tech Skills University Punjab campus! 

School of Pharmacy, in collaboration with Sant Gurmel Singh Blood Bank Balachaur, organized a Blood Donation Camp, inaugurated by Sardar Satbir Singh Bajwa, Joint Registrar of the University. ????

During the event, it was emphasized that donating blood is the greatest donation one can make, as every drop has the potential to save a life. Convenor of the camp, Dr. Naresh Singh Gill, stressed the importance of regular blood donation for maintaining good health, while Dr. Gagandeep highlighted that around 75 units of healthy blood were collected during the camp. ????

Dr. Sandeep Singh Kaura, Chancellor of LTSU, congratulated the team for their efforts and encouraged further participation in activities benefiting society and humanity. ????

Certificates, badges, and nutritious food were provided. ????️